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  1. ARCHITERRA PLUS 2.0 French, German, English, Italian, Russian, Spanish, Japanese | ARCHICAD 23-24 | WIN - MAC ArchiTerra is the solution for ArchiCAD users to create and manage 3D terrain models. It is a useful tool especially if you need to work with large sites, allowing the insertion of other elements such as roads, plateaus, buildings and others. ArchiTerra was developed and created to solve a particular problem for ArchiCAD users: the creation and management of tridimensional land models. ArchiTerra helps to create solutions for terrains by drawing your own site or importing data from different types of files, like DXF, Text or Shape files and allows you to work and visualize the morphology in 2D and 3D. MAIN FEATURES: Railway Railway crossing Railway bridge option in the existing bridge tool Bridge tool: the possibility to place bridges and overpasses Redesigned road: expanded with curbs and bisecting lines License borrowing: get for limited time (7 days) the activation key offline. After this time period the key become online again. This option is but permanent, and you can use it at any time. It can be ordered for your existing license, too. Color Slopes of the morphology and contour lines in 2D and 3D Management of the terrain using polyline or fill Creation of plateaus, roads, sidewalks and cross sections with the earthmoving icon Insertion of street furniture such as trees, buildings and other elements Insertion of the heights and objects Creation of a more lifelike environment for the project The camera tool allows you to walk in the terrain Controlling the project's environmental impact while still in the planning stage Export in Text (txt) file SUPPORTED VERSIONS: ArchiCAD 24 ArchiCAD 23
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