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  1. Achiko


    Download ARCHICAD 20 Build 3008 INT http://www.graphisoft.com/downloads/archicad/install/AC20/INT/
  2. Achiko

    Cinema R16

    Maxon Cinema 4D R16.020 DEMO    http://http.maxon.net/pub/r16/demo/Installer_Cinema4DR16.020_Demo.zip
  3. [b] Din3D Importer v2.14 For Cinema 4D R15 x64[/b] [url="http://uploaded.net/file/8p34qsnx/Din3D_Importer_v2.14_For_Cinema_4D_R15_-_x64_CGP.rar"]http://uploaded.net/...5_-_x64_CGP.rar[/url] [url="http://rapidgator.net/file/1d47a336fdbfb014892548bc9457ff3c/Din3D_Importer_v2.14_For_Cinema_4D_R15_-_x64_CGP.rar.html"]http://rapidgator.ne...64_CGP.rar.html[/url] Info: Din3D files are quickly and simply imported in MAXON Cinema 4D. There is a direct link to ArchiCAD. Replacement of changed model is also possible while all the material settings and other changes remain. The objective of the development of this file format was that it could, as much as possible, provide the visualization programs with the information of the structure and hierarchy of ArciCAD beside the 3D model. The model was complemented C4D, this information did not lose in the upgrade. Very fast plugin. Note: Not compatible with AC4D és AC4D+ formats.
  4. Achiko

    Archicad 17

    ArchiCAD 17 http://cache.graphisoft.com/AC/17/INT/AC17-INT64.exe http://cache.graphisoft.com/AC/17/INT/AC17-INT.dmg
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