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Important new pricing Infos/future update info

Dear C4D users,

i am happy to announce that starting from today,

all users buying a VRAYforC4D 1.2.6 license now, get the following bonus automatically included:

1) the next forthcoming big update VRAYforC4D 1.5, which we currently work on, is for FREE included as promised (with distributed rendering, vray shaders and new extended multipass), you get this at no extra cost once ready & released (its being worked on yet). it is v14 ready.

2) ADDITIONAL included is also a special reduced update price coupon to get the future full VRAYfor4D 2.0 update for only 99.-Euro (including V-Ray RT gpu!) this update is scheduled more far away yet, several months after 1.5 (maybe end of year).

This special reduced upgrade price applies to NEW CUSTOMERS buying V-Ray now, to ensure their investment into V-Ray and prevent any unforseen hidden costs. (the normal 2.0 update price isnt fixed yet, but will be also in an usual and fair range)

this offer starts immediatly for all buying later than the 20th May 2012.

for any questions feel free to ask us via email or phone

(all contacts are on the website under contact)

some info about feature content you find here:


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