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Vray 1.2

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The new vrayforc4d 1.2 brings an big amount of new features, and also a lot of reprogramming.

due to the changes that come on one side from maxon with 11.5 sdk and on the other side from the

very new chaosgroup vray sdk core 1.9 that we use in this new release of vrayforc4d.

some additional features of the 1.9.x cores are also planned for a 1.2.1 and 1.2.2 release.

Our inner alpha and beta team tested deep over the last months, but due to the many changes in new

versions there always can be some new bugs (or also old that reemerges).

so if needed we will provide fixes in this small and fast updates to perfectionize the 1.2 release.

All are very welcome to post in the forum (section vrayforc4d 1.2) if they find some not working as


both, the maxon sdk AND the Vray sdk evolved a lot this year and bring many good new things to

vrayforc4d as well.

an overview of the new vrayforc4d 1.2 changes and additionions:

  • full 11.5 compatibility,
  • support of the advanced color filter tools and layer list in new 11.5 picture viewer
  • win7 and OSX 10.6 compatibility, 32 and 64 bit
  • new optimization for more than 8 cores
  • new vray core 1.9(!), with many core improvements(AA, GI, DMC, sampling,optimized speed,
  • & GI animation, physky, tone mapping...)
  • new additional GI mode for Irradiace map "use camera path" for still and object animation, that
  • renders the GI solution along the animated camera in one single pass
  • new additional GI mode for Lightcache GI "use camera path" for still and object animation, that
  • renders the GI solution along the animated camera in one single pass
  • new additional GI presets, for expanded and easier use
  • new save GI mode, to save the calculated GI our of an image AFTER the rendering has been
  • already done, very use full. if you like the image, you can ave the solution for reuse also after
  • rendering.
  • New AO - Ambient occlusion in the Vray GI. this is a special, very fast and high quality AO,
  • that can be mixed and blended to any GI solution
  • new fully automatic, "one -button" LWF with one single button solution (now everybody cany
  • easily use the so called "linear work flow", vray does all complex material, shader and gamma
  • conversions for you)
  • New ultra fast Physical SubSurface scattering System:
  • new fast SSS2 material, can be mixed and blended with other materials
  • new extra SSS channel in BRDF Material(new combination of fast SSS2 and BRDF)
  • 4 special SSS modes, for solid and refractive and mixed materials
  • renders close to the speed of a diffuse material!
  • physical SSS system, with very easy controls
  • all parameters texturable
  • can be mixed and blended with other materials and all BRDF effects
  • SSS optionally scatters also GI
  • ->intelligent and adjustable under sampling and interpolation
  • glossy reflection interpolation (3 option types, always, only for GI, never)
  • new Texture handling of files
  • new much improved texture memory handling in material manager
  • new rewritten normal maps
  • rewritten Material preview connection, materials previews should be remarkable faster
  • 11 new optional Vray Material previews using area lights for quality high end Material
  • previewing (can be optionally installed, special recommended for professional workstations)
  • material ID option in BRDF, customizable color,
  • new Multipass Material ID activated, full AA'ed, very good to separate objects or materials for
  • post effects and compositing, produced many masks in one pass.
  • new horizontal split option for splitting single images more efficient over the NETrender
  • trace depth per material for reflection for great speed gain adjustment
  • trace depth per material for refraction
  • trace depth globally on off(limit trace depth+ setting)
  • new photometric mesh lights
  • new cone lights, match much more the c4d cone light experience
  • texturable area lights, 2 types
  • [ texturalable cone lights]*
  • [ texturable omni lights]*
  • [ texturable shadows(!)]*
  • new IES customization for custom lumen override function to be able to change the internal
  • lumen data and customize the ies intensity directly in c4d
  • light linking
  • mesh light linking
  • 2 new physical sky modes:
  • physical sky "default" (similar to in vray1.1)
  • new physical sky CIE clear
  • new Physical sky CIE Overcast
  • new physical sky setting Horizon illuminations (for phycam and normal cam)
  • detailed new color correction and gamma adjustment system for the Physical sky
  • special "convert to grey scale" check box option, for architectural more abstract gray skies
  • new sky portal option "simple portal" for extra speed gain
  • dome HDRI lights do work with Alpha channel
  • added missing -1 function to matte feature
  • optimized HDRI dome light
  • new physical camera (pinhole mode) that 100% matches the Cinema4d camera:
  • enabled all kinds of new composting possibilities with c4d channels or effects, Sketch and
  • toon, glow, object ID passes, hair, camera mapping, pyro cluster, c4d sky module, etc. passes etc....
  • 2 new modes for special custom lens distortion(quadratic, cubic)
  • new mode to read custom external "lens files"
  • new vertical and/ or horizontal camera distortion shift for perspective correction (in addition to
  • the camera shift offset for architecture cameras)
  • camera offsets in certain situation in animation eliminated
  • particles and TP render correct also in animations
  • new recoded support for "interactive region render", works very fast with special LC-LC GI
  • mode, also also fast SSS2 materials
  • new vray environment separate override control " affect reflection on /off, works in combination
  • with physky overrides
  • new vray environment separate override control " affect refraction on /off, works in combination
  • with physky overrides
  • new advanced override system for materials for professional light setup, can be adjusted
  • (included / excluded) on material bases
  • new override option in BRDF material
  • new displacement rewrite, improved displacement handling
  • additional displacement"water level" option, for advanced "on render time" cutout on objects
  • new 2d displacement mode for fast surface displacement in UV textures mode
  • 2 modes- luminosity and rgb texture for choice in displacement
  • new true 3d vector displacement, can displace complex also overhanging and curved,
  • displacement shapes.
  • new automatic hierarchical proxy generation
  • compatibility rewrite of proxies for vista and win7
  • new rewritten OSX proxies for more speed and osx threading compatibility
  • new vrmesh export for custom vrmesh creation
  • new additive weight map option
  • new additive blending (shellac mode) in blend material with alpha weight map
  • support of native c4d floor object
  • follow mouse option in editor rendering( buckets will follow the mouse for fast preview of
  • certain parts)
  • cleaned up interface



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такая же как и была

Леха слушай а ты не пробывал старые сценки им загружать , у меня собака висня , на старой версии все пучком на новай та же сценка начинает уделыватся и ооочень медлянно рендерить.

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всё нормально работает тока нуно старый вирей удалить из корня и из папки плагов

хехехе у меня просто хронический синдром крывых рук :to_pick_ones_nose_eat:

круто что он воласы наконецто рендырить

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а я шось и не побачил как он их рендерит.....нуно шось нажать ?

просто на офицальном форуме есть папка с файлами sss2 и прочая дребидень там ляжыть и вот в одной из них грас каторый с валасоф делает, я открвл посматрел там внатори валасы

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